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{Dragon rising- gumi and Len}

Happy Mother 3 Anniversary everyone~!

Bite down from time to time
let me remember what pain feels like.
{Pomp and Circumstance}

Commission info what!?


yes I’ve been teasing for a while but now I’m finally getting down to doing this commission thing!  
If you can’t buy something from me now, please support me by sharing this, thank you~! 

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~Pas de deux ~ 
A gift for Fire.

Pictures of Claus and Lucas in their favorite outfits for my RP/Ask blog

The shepherd ▷


Hey look. another Ness rp blog.

Lucas Joined your party ▷


hey my ask blog updated to include Motherbound Lucas! Go check it out and maybe send some asks? I’m lonely

"I’m so alone… it hurts so much. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I just want my brother… I wish I had my brother back!" 

"All I really want is for people to me happy… I want them to be good… That’s it. I wish to save the world from sin."

"Please, I can’t die, I’m not ready to die yet. Save me, save me please, I wish to survive!"