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Opinions on Lucas' legs please?

from Anonymous

Ness: Slamin.

Lucas: Ness please get some sleep.

Ness: Oh Lucas we were just talking about your fancy legs.

Lucas: I know, I was here.

Ness: Oh, you should have said something. 

Lucas: Just… go to sleep ness.

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is still tmi week? oh man im so laaate 4 everything! what is your darkness fear?? specialy you ninten ♥

from Anonymous

Tmi is only on tuesday, ha! Sucks to be you!

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Well, as it is TMI Tuesday... What colour underwear are you wearing? ALL of you.

from Anonymous

Lucas: What a juvenile question… *Sigh.*  Blue.

Ness: White… I think… yeah white

Commander: They’re pink and I’m not sure why, they took my original clothing to wash, And I think I am borrowing from Pilgrim? it’s a nice color though…

Ninten: Ghosts don’t wear underwear ha!

Tessla: I think i’m wearing my stripity one’s today. purple and pink~! 

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TMI Tusday

You should ask me questions despite what Lucas says.

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Ness, please rate Lucas on a scale of one to ten in attractiveness. 1 is 'wouldn't touch with a stick' and ten is 'if I were gay I would fall for him in an instant'.

from Anonymous

Ness: Cause then eleven. maybe eleven and a half.
Lucas: Can we please not bother Ness right now he’s a little confused from medication.
Ness: Oh Lucas when did you get here?
Lucas: I’ve been here Ness, for almost an hour.
Ness: Oh really, you should have said something.
Lucas: *Sighs.*

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Mason, how was work for you after you found out about Iro's death?

from Anonymous


But I have to keep on working, it’s what he would have wanted…

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it’s Tmi tuesday everyone, you know what that means~!

We’re not going to get any asks?

… yeah probably

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Thank you sir/madam. both pages have been fixed.

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Ah yes, a new chapter, new theme, and maybe some new questions from  new followers?

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