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((Okay I lied a little, The chapter is done, things are moving, but my editors ran a bit late into the night, when they get back from work I’ll poke them and see what they have to say and then I’ll post. hope you all have a good day~!))

*falls over* It’s done.

Relax take it easy.... It's all in your head... ▷

Okay let’s do this. Chapter 8 is going to be out around tomorrow and that’s a promise, but lets have fun on this EB anniversary and do draw this cover! 


*Whispers* Mother 3 in the 1950’s. it’s gonna be a thing.


((Some Lucas color pallets for your viewing pleasure. more to come in the future.))

This Fic isn’t dead I swear. I’m totally working on it and i’m almost over the hump that’s been blocking me since freaking christmas! anyway, here are some color pallets of everyones favorite couple.


*absentmindedly realizes you have other blogs with submit boxes*
brain firE GO

Oh my gosh! this is great thank you so much!!! 


"The show is about to begin, I do hope you stay for it, though, I suppose you don’t have a choice."


Transparent, falling, magical boys.

Stand Up Boys

{Dragon rising- gumi and Len}

Happy Mother 3 Anniversary everyone~!